Ugly sprites

  • What's up with the sprites in this game?
    You've got the coins which look completely out of place.
    The spikey shell guys and the goomba's look uglier than anything else in the game.
    The mario sprites look like they were cut out of a magazine.
    Most of the other enemies and items are just really blurry.
    The only thing that ISN'T ugly in this game are the wall sprites.
    I like the mario games a lot, but what you've got here is a very bad attempt at trying to remove the pixelation and low-res from mario sprites.
    You're also using sprites from every mario game, can't you simply stick to ripping from ONE game?

    I like Mega Mario a lot and I do hope it'll become less uglier.

    • Oooh, why dont you create some sprites yourself and bring them in ?

    • And is it legal to make a mario clone like this? If i did sprites of a nice-looking mario would i be sued (or would there be a POSSIBILITY to be sued) by nintendo?

    • Hello there! It's Baruto!

      I wanted to ask you about the PNG file: "coin4.png".
      This file isn't loaded! It's the four movement of the coin when this revolves!

      When you open the levelist appears #--nonsense--# and it loads a too rare level! what kind of sh** is this?