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MLuaBind 0.06 released

- MLuaBind uses std::tr1 extensions instead of Loki Typetraits now.
- Fixed some issues for 64bit compilation, so MLuaBind works well on x64.

Posted by migun 2009-04-05

MLuaBind 0.05 released

- Major meta-programming changes. Most of Loki typelists was removed for a faster compilation.
- [const] void* pointers can be transmitted via lightuserdata now.
Transparently support void* pointers as return values and as parameters.
- __cast_unsafe can convert void* pointers to desired class.
- Minor bugfixes.

Posted by migun 2008-02-24

MLuaBind 0.04 released

Version changes:
- Native support for enums (no need to convert to int type).
- Constants within classes(i.e. from their namespaces) now are accessible from objects too.
- Valid conversation from NULL-ptrs to nil and vice versa.
- A LOT of changes in STL-binding code.
- STL-binding code now work with STLPort and with containers <T*>.
- Few major bugfixes:
- bug in constructor's parameters verbal output leads to undefined behaviour
- bug in member's operator= with constant right operand
- bug with not calling policies for a implicitly created objects
- Code optimization for run and compilation time.
- Client-side interface code switched to char* from std::string (breaking change).

Posted by migun 2008-01-27

MLuaBind 0.03 released

Version changes:
- Manual in html.
- Convert<T> and BaseNoDynCast<T> adapters for classes.
- Some code optimization for faster compilation
- Minor bugfixes.

Posted by migun 2007-10-28

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