no mlterm-menu, fonts wrong

  • Mike Maxwell

    Mike Maxwell - 2004-03-03

    I'm running under RedHat 8.  I did ./configure --with-tools, make, make install.  It runs, but very oddly.  In particular, there seems to be no mouse support.  When I do do one of the mouse cmds, such as CTRL-LEFT, I get an error msg on the xterm from which I launched mlterm:
       /usr/local/libexec/mlterm-menu is not found
    Indeed, that dir is empty.  Shouldn't something have been put there during the 'make install'?

    Also, mlterm has altered the font that the KDE 'konsole' (terminal) uses (but not the font that xterm uses).  I'm not sure how it did that--I presume it has changed some .file, but I can't find it.  Worse, I can't figure out how to set konsole's font back to what it was.

    I believe I have all the libraries that mlterm wants.  But clearly I've done something wrong -- suggestions?

    • MINAMI Hirokazu

      MINAMI Hirokazu - 2004-03-05

      Though mlterm itself don't depends on gtk, mlterm-menu/mlconfig require gtk.h to build.

      Are you sure you have installed depvelopment packages for gtk?

      • Mike Maxwell

        Mike Maxwell - 2004-03-08

        Yes, that was the thing that was missing--thanks!  (I guess I would have expected the configure process to tell me that, but...)

    • MINAMI Hirokazu

      MINAMI Hirokazu - 2004-03-09

      >I would have expected the configure process to tell me that

      Hmm, it should be.
      I've added some warnings to configure.
      Thanks for your suggestion.


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