#47 No BiDi mirrorining


Mlterm doesn't mirror characters like brackets when inside right-to-left text. As a result such characters appear reversed:

(نص عربي)

appears as:

)نص عربي(

See http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr9/#Mirroring for more details about BiDi mirroring.


  • Khaled Hosny

    Khaled Hosny - 2012-04-07


  • Khaled Hosny

    Khaled Hosny - 2012-04-07

    I tried to fiddle a bit with the code and came with the attached patch, it is very crude and I don't really understand the code. I'm simply using fribidi_get_mirror_char(), but I'm not sure if I'm hooking it into the right part of the code (in the fact that I had to repeat the same chunk of code in 3 different places tell me I'm doing it wrong).

    With this patch applied mirroring seems to work well, but selecting the text results in reversing the mirroring again, and the copied text contains the mirrored (visual) not the original (logical) brackets.

  • Araki Ken

    Araki Ken - 2012-04-08

    I fixed your patch a little, and it works as expected.
    Please check it.

  • Khaled Hosny

    Khaled Hosny - 2012-04-08

    Thank you very much, this seems to work just fine :)

  • Araki Ken

    Araki Ken - 2012-04-11
    • status: open --> closed

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