I've noticed that when I do not set a profile, melted takes it from the first clip I load in the unit.  That means, if I load a PAL clip (25fps), the rest of the clips are appended as they were 25fps, regardless their real fps (I append a NTSC clip after and using LIST command I see it as 25fps).  The same happends if I first load a NTSC clip and then a PAL clip.  Both show 25fps in the LIST and USTA commands.  Does this mean that melted will actually play the clip at the fps shown? I dont see the frame count change, so I assume it will play slowly (NTSC clip at 25 fps) or quickly (PAL clip at 29.97 fps)  How affects this the sound of the clip?  And the duration? If my NTSC clip would have 1 min lenght at 29.97 fps, if I play it at 25 fps it will be longer and if I play my PAL clip at 29.97 it will be shorter. Can someone clarify this for me? We're building our playout (http://github.com/inaes-tic/mbc-playout) and we would like to sync frame perfect our schedule time for a clip with melted, so we need to know exactly what melted will be doing to calculate this.

I hope I was clear enough.  Feel free to ask for more specifications if needed.

Thanks in advance,

Juan Martin Runge
./opcode team