I don't see any way to create a background color for the text using the watermark filter.  That's why I've been using DynamicText, to set background color/alpha and padding.  Am I missing something?


>Is it possible to force a line break in the text supplied to the DynamicText filter?  For example, let's say I wanted the text overlay to look like this.
>Line 1
>Line 2
>Line 3
>In some environments I could do "Line 1\nLine 2\nLine 3".  It appears that DynamicText doesn't recognize the "\n".  Is there a line break it does recognize?

For what you are trying to do, you would be better served by the watermark filter. Here is an example:
melt colour:red -filter watermark:"+line1~line2~line3.txt" composite.progressive=1 producer.align=centre composite.valign=c composite.halign=c producer.fgcolour=blue

The "producer.*" properties are passed to a pango producer and the "composite.*" properties are passed to a composite transition.


Brian Gottesman
VP, Software Development
Critical Media