Hey guys, did you know that your conversation is not taking place on the mailing list? Rather, it is occurring as a series of comments about one hunk of a commit on github.

Carl, x264 detects number of CPU threads and makes a whole bunch of them when threads=0. I made it explicit here so that when an app like Shotcut loads the preset, it will set the thread usage for H.264 to "automatic" by default. Other codecs like MJPEG and ProRes fail when multiple threads are requested the last time I checked, which is why I am setting them to 1 - in case a Shotcut user chooses 4 for MPEG-2 in some previous encoding job and then chooses an MJPEG preset to setup the next encoding job. Then, the UI will change threads to a safe number and not cause an unexpected error.

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 7:34 PM, Brian Matherly <notifications@github.com> wrote:
> If I want to limit threads to 2, will this do it:

> melt foo.mlt-consumer avformat:foo.mp4 threads=2properties=x264-medium
> I do that when I am running ffmpeg2theora in another shell and don't want
> to overload the cpu - makes things sluggish like serving up html from my
> django app.- yeah, I have lots of stuff going on the same box sometimes.

nice and ionice are great tools to keep a job from hogging the system. You can find an example in this script:
With nice/ionice, you can't tell the script is running.

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