Try atsc_1080i_5994 or just remove the profile option and let it try to detect signal format.

On Thursday, April 26, 2012, John Bazik wrote:
I've got a Blackmagic Intensity Pro that I'd like to stream from, but I can't seem to get any oss tools to capture from it.  Blackmagic's MediaExpress application works fine, but I don't see anything when I use melt.  Hopefully I'm doing something stupid and someone can set me straight.

I'm on debian wheezy, kernel 3.2.0.  I've installed Blackmagic's latest driver (9.5).  I've got melt 0.7.8.

When I try a simple capture, all I get is "buffer underrun":

melt -profile atsc_1080i_60 decklink:0

I have a camcorder plugged in, and it's set to HD at 60fps.

Any suggestions for how to debug this?


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