Hello Everyone,
  I'm hoping someone can help me with this.  I need to compose a video consisting of 4 - 30 second segments.  Each segment needs to be split into a 3x2 grid with each grid cell containing a 240x240px video.  So the final outcome will be 720x480px.  This would allow for a total of 24 - 30 second videos in 2 minutes.  Not only that, it needs to be reproducible and configurable.  The final version will be developed in C but I would like to get something working initially with xml or some sort of scripting language.

  I've looked at the website, but am having a hard time finding where to start.  I've attempted to produce something similar using GStreamer but have gotten to a point I have to look at other options.

  Any assistance you can provide is greatly, greatly appreciated.

  All the Best,