After building MLT I get the following error when I try and run the demos:
mlt_repository.c, mlt_repository_init: failed to dlopen /usr/local/lib/mlt/

I configured MLT with the following parameters:
./configure --enable-gpl --disable-sox --disable-qimage --avformat-svn

The audio still works in the demos, but no video is working.  It just shows a black window.  I have googled this error and found many discussions about it, but none of the solutions seemed to work for me.  It seems to have something to do with FFMPEG, right?  I just got MLT working on my 8.04 ubuntu system a few days ago, and the video worked fine.  So, I'm not sure if this error has to do with Ubuntu 8.10, or it's just a simple configuration problem.

By the way, I am working with the newest version of the MLT source code (as of a few days ago).

Any ideas on how to go about debugging a "failed to dlopen" error?