>I would expect this to work:
># ffmpeg -i inputfile test.mpg
># mlt test.mpg

That didn't work.  I ran 'melt test.mpg' and it only displayed a single image (in this case, the last
image of the video sequence).  It plays successfully in ffplay and mplayer.

>There are precompiled binarys for all major platforms available here (look at the downloads section on the right):

There's no pre-compiled binary for RedHat or CentOS.  I tried the Fedora version, and the Ubuntu
version (my machine is CentOS 6.4) and it failed because I don't have glib 2.14 (glib 2.14) isn't
available for CentOS 6.4.

Any ideas how I can get melt to work?  How do those pixel format arguments work?