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Trading implementations will be moved to algotrade project

Dear C2ATI users,

In order to separate analytical tools and trading tools the new project created:

It will contain C2ATI related stuff soon.


Posted by Pranas 2007-10-21


The mlmechtrade is very young project and almost reached 1000 downloads in time of writing.
I am very glad to see REAL value from my and team members' effort!

Note: There are more ambitious plans for next releases!


Posted by Pranas 2007-08-06

open trade system alliance

Our project joining to "open trade system alliance" (

Good initiative!

Posted by Pranas 2007-07-30 Automated Trading Interface released

The initial version available for download Collective2 ATI v0.00.01

Posted by Pranas 2007-06-23

C2ATI Collective2 Automated Trading Interface

Dear mltechtrade developers,

The very initial version available in SVN! Implementation language is Java, IDE Eclipse.
All kind of suggestions are welcome!


Posted by Pranas 2007-06-17

TA-LIB compiled for MATLAB 2007a x64

The TA-LIB compiled for MATLAB 2007a for Windows x64.
Note: Compiled with multi threading ta-lib 0.3.0.

Build environment:
ta-lib 0.3.0 compiled with Intel compiler
mex64 compiled with MCVC 2005

Enjoy large amount of memory and good computational POWER!

Posted by Pranas 2007-04-28

TA-LIB compiled for MATLAB 2007a

The ta_lib subproject compiled with multi threading library as MATLAB 2007a x32 MEX


Posted by Pranas 2007-04-25


The TA-LIB MEX API v0.0.2 Beta released today.

2007-03-04 The TA_Initialize and TA_Shutdown added


Posted by Pranas 2007-02-27