#9 Simple MLE Mode without any Java GW/Msg-Server


Add at least a possibility to use the basic messaging feature without the need to use the Gateway or Messaging Server at all.

Reason: Most people do not own their own server, where they can run these 2 Java servers.
The current solution, to use the elibera.com public servers, might not be a good solution for everyone, because than they are dependent on the servers from elibera.com

Possible solution:
MLE works without the Gateway-Server too (some features won't work --> eg: ebook-compression, and some old phones might have problems with large form uploads) but the basic should work - so we just need an option to deactivate the GW-Server

The Messaging server could be replaced with two ways:
1.) A background thread that request every X min a PHP script, which tells the client if there are new Msgs.
2.) With every standard HTTP request to Moodle the client is informed with a HTTP-Header variable, if there are new messages.


  • matthias

    matthias - 2009-02-03
    • status: open --> closed
  • matthias

    matthias - 2009-02-03

    released in 0.8.1


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