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2014-sf-3: Preferred media in Media Detail screen, division highlighting for favorite team in Master Scoreboard, and bug fixes

This release includes a big fix for session-key re-use. For those who frequently encounter "Sign-On Restriction Error"s, especially with, this release should resolve (or reduce) those errors.

Media Detail screen has been modified to show the preferred media in the status line. The preferred media is the combination of the coverage setting (HOME/AWAY), follow settings (video_follow, audio_follow, alt_audio_follow), and available media (e.g. if coverage is set to home but there is no home broadcast available, the away broadcast becomes preferred.)... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2014-06-02

2014-sf-2: Media Detail view, alternate audio, enhancements to favorite team

Lots of new goodies in the second stable release of 2014:

  • Alternate audio support: If a game has alternate audio streams (generally a stream in another language), the alternate audio stream may now be selected with the "A" key (uppercase A as lowercase "a" will still select the regular audio streams.)
  • How do you know if an alternate stream is available? Through the brand new Media Detail screen. Now you can see the call letters and media availability of all audio (including alternate audio) and video streams. Additionally, there are flags to indicate the availability of condensed games and archived media.
  • Enhancements to favorite team support. If you specify a team in favorite= option [Favorite Team], it will be automatically added to video_follow and audio_follow. Additionally, the listings will always initially focus on your favorite team. This makes starting your favorite team's game even easier as the cursor already has it highlighted.
  • Box scores now support "clickable" statistics for player and team statistics. Highlight a player's line in the box score and press Enter to see that player's career statistics. Highlight a team summary line such as "Kansas City Royals Batting" to see the current year team batting statistics (or pitching if the pitching summary line is selected.)
  • Behind the scenes enhancement of game time localization. Long story short, this should fix differences in daylight saving time rules for users outside of the US including the Southern Hemisphere which has opposite DST dates.
  • Re-implementation of time_offset= option. If the above enhancements still don't localize to the correct time, you can specify an offset as +/-HH:MM from US/Eastern time. The listings are retrieved from in US/Eastern time (UTC-4.) The first conversion from US/Eastern to UTC is more error prone than the conversion from UTC to local time. For this reason, the time_offset= option bypasses both conversions and applies the offset directly from the config option.... read more
Posted by Matthew Levine 2014-05-11

Calendar View and Two Great Ways To Enjoy Baseball in the Offseason

Calendar View displays a month of schedule and results for a team.

  • 'C' (upper-case) key activates calendar view.
  • Calendar defaults to favorite= team or 'ana' (LA Angels) if no favorite= is specified in config file.
  • Press 'C' key again from Calendar to switch teams.
  • Up/Down to scroll through games and Left/Right to change months.
  • All media (video, audio, condensed, highlights)
  • All views (line, box, scoreboard, listings) can be accessed from Calendar.... read more
Posted by Matthew Levine 2013-11-13

mlbviewer-2013-sf-7: Critical fix for RTMP (non-Nexdef) streams, statistics, Game Of The Day support

A critical fix went into sf-7 that fixes RTMP stream (non-Nexdef) support for archived games.

Also included in sf-7:

  • The MLBviewer library welcomes its newest application, Now you can browse leaderboards, sort on individual columns, filter by league, team, all-time, and active players only, and expand an individual player's statistics to see year-by-year.

  • Support for Free Game Of The Day. The free game is highlighted in the listings to easily find it. This feature requires an account (free) but does not require an subscription.... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2013-09-09

2013-sf-6: Support is now integrated into mlbviewer. 'M' key will switch to mode.

MiLB offering supports the following:

  • One single vanilla video stream (one coverage, one speed, no nexdef, condensed games, or highlights)
  • Favorite team highlighting and favorite team RSS
  • Box scores and line scores
  • Ability to have separate accounts for and
  • and similar to their mlb counterparts... read more
Posted by Matthew Levine 2013-05-20

Released 2013-sf-3: Box scores and Standings

New in the third Sourceforge release for 2013:

  • Box scores ('x')
  • Standings ('g')

With 2013-sf-2, keybindings are now configurable so these can be changed with the BOX_SCORES and STANDINGS actions (see README for details on custom keybindings.)

Standings are not updated in real-time but they are updated once a day. The update time will be displayed in the standings window.

Also included in 2013-sf-3 are various bug fixes for line score and master scoreboard view related to less frequently encountered statuses like "Suspended" and "Completed Early."... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2013-04-20

Released 2013-sf-2: Line scores, Master scoreboard, Custom keybindings, and bug fixes

New in the second Sourceforge release for 2013 (2013-sf-2):

  • Line scores ('b'):
    -In progress games display game information like current pitcher, current batter, on-deck, runners on base, the count, outs, HR, and the last play.
    -Completed games display winning and losing pitcher, save pitcher (if present), and HR.
    -Future games display probable pitchers

  • Master scoreboard ('m'):
    An alternative listings view that displays scores of in progress and completed games and probable pitchers of future games. The information is similar to line score view but condensed for two lines per game. Listings remains the default view to prevent spoilers but master scoreboard is now an alternative way to browse the listings giving you additional information. Navigate forward in date to see probable pitchers or even keep an eye on the action when you can't actually watch a game.... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2013-04-12

Released 2013-sf-1, first sourceforge release for 2013

Minor Opening Day hiccup with archived nexdef games but thanks to some great support from mlbhls, the fully-functional first sourceforge release is available. Earliest ever for mlbviewer! Report any bugs here or on the Linuxquestions mega-forum.

Don't forget to update your mlbhls for 2013 as well.

Posted by Matthew Levine 2013-04-03

2013: Use SVN version / to get pre-season support

The SVN version will be the first to get working functionality for 2013 Spring Training and regular season. It can be downloaded with the following

svn checkout mlbviewer-code

Please follow along the thread for updates on the SVN version and to report any problems: ... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2013-02-10

Exciting News!!!! Rtmpdump v1.6 fixes Non-NexDef Live Games

Rtmpdump v1.6, released on May 17 has fixed the playback issue mplayer was having with live non-NexDef games. Mlbviewer now supports live and archived, NexDef and non-NexDef games, plus live and archived audio broadcasts.

Good news #1:
The required patch for rtmpdump distributed in rtmpdump-patches works with v1.6.

Good news #2:
No code change is necessary for mlbviewer. Just patch, build, and install rtmpdump v1.6 and you're good for live and archived non-NexDef games and gameday audio.... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2009-05-18

MANDATORY Emergency Release For All - Plus Cool New Features made a change to their server responses that affect all users (NexDef and non-NexDef alike.) All users must take this new release (or update to the latest SVN revision) or nothing will work.

Here are the Release Notes:


This includes a mandatory patch to MediaService.xsd. This file must be copied to ~/.mlb directory even if you have already done this with a prior release. You will also need to remove your suds cache (rm -rf /tmp/suds).... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2009-05-14

Cinco De Mayo Release - It's Finally Here

BREAK OUT THE CERVEZA, the Cinco De Mayo release has arrived to the party!

The first Sourceforge release for mlbviewer for the 2009 season is finally here.

There have been a lot of changes to the MLB.TV service for the 2009 season and many of them for the better.

Included in mlbviewer for the 2009 season:

+ NexDef support! Full 3000K HD streams!
(Actual results will depend on system and network performance) (MLB.TV Premium users only) ... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2009-05-05

2009 Release Almost Ready

If you've stumbled here from Google or because you've figured out your beloved mlbviewer from last season no longer works, fear not and be patient.

A new release is almost ready for general availability. Many of your favorite features will be supported along with a few new features for the 2009 season.

If you can't wait for the general release, you can check out the code from SVN. Please read the REQUIREMENTS-2009.txt file carefully as you will need to install some extra software to get the new code to run. Please also visit the forum listed in the README-2008 to submit your bug reports and experiences with the new code.... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2009-04-13

2009 Season Testing Under Way

Mlbviewer currently does not support the 2009 season. May changes were implemented by MLB and their beta tests are few and far between. In the meantime, you can check out the new mlbviewer code from SVN and help with the testing if you want. Please see the thread mentioned in the README for how to participate in mlbivewer 2009 testing and what is expected and not expected to work right now.

Posted by Matthew Levine 2009-04-02

0.1alpha9 released

This is the Spring Training and WBC release of mlbviewer. Several enhancements went in to support the WBC and ease the use of mlbviewer during Spring Training. For games that are not televised (most of them), mlbviewer will print media availability indicators such as (no audio available), (no video available), or (no media available.)

Read the release notes/change log for more details on what has gone into 0.1alpha9.... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2009-03-17

Spring Training 2009 and World Baseball Classic

Quite a few fixes went into SVN to support Spring Training 2009 and the WBC.

Yet, I'm still not sure whether or how the changes to the 2009 MLB.TV service will affect mlbviewer. I hesitate to cut a new official release for ST and WBC alone.

If you're interested in watching Spring Training and WBC, please checkout or update to the latest SVN revision. Details on how to do this are in the README file.... read more

Posted by Matthew Levine 2009-03-06