Released 2013-sf-2: Line scores, Master scoreboard, Custom keybindings, and bug fixes

New in the second Sourceforge release for 2013 (2013-sf-2):

  • Line scores ('b'):
    -In progress games display game information like current pitcher, current batter, on-deck, runners on base, the count, outs, HR, and the last play.
    -Completed games display winning and losing pitcher, save pitcher (if present), and HR.
    -Future games display probable pitchers

  • Master scoreboard ('m'):
    An alternative listings view that displays scores of in progress and completed games and probable pitchers of future games. The information is similar to line score view but condensed for two lines per game. Listings remains the default view to prevent spoilers but master scoreboard is now an alternative way to browse the listings giving you additional information. Navigate forward in date to see probable pitchers or even keep an eye on the action when you can't actually watch a game.

  • Custom keybindings (see README):
    Not happy with the default keybindings? Now you can change them or add your own through a configuration file.

Also fixed some bugs regarding certain navigations. You should be able to cross-navigate through the different screens and features without having to return to the listings screen. For example, bring up the master scoreboard and select media directly, bring up the line score and then jump to an inning. Or bring up the line score and open up the highlights.

Posted by Matthew Levine 2013-04-12

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