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Version 0.2 beta released

Hi, after a long time finaly I could spend some time on this project and release version 0.2 beta. See changelog for details.

If you are interessted in this project, feel free to request features or report bugs.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2008-03-15

Version 0.1.0 beta released

Hi, today I finished all planed features for the first beta version.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-06-14

Last alpha release

Hi, today I released the last alpha version. In the next weeks I will finish the last features. This will be the first beta version.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-05-26

SVN reset

Hi, I had to reset the svn repository du to an error. Besindes I keep on programming...

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-05-13

Current State

Hi, currently I have to concentrate on some other projects, but in approximately three weeks I will continue programming on this projekt.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-04-02

New Web Site

Today I added a chart to the web site to get an overview of the current development.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-01-24

Current work

Currently we are working on ML-Edit, the source will be commited to svn repository after work. From time to time we will release an executable version as a jar-file, you will find it in the Download section.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-01-18

Initial News

The projects has been registered and configured. So we will keep on coding :).

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-01-16