#1 mjson v1.1, with autoconf/libtool support and RPM specfile


The v1.1 release of mjson has been wrapped in a ./configure script via autoconf/automake/libtool to create a library called libmjson.so (shared or static). Included are pkg-config support, and an RPM spec file.

To create this tarball, do this:

make dist

To create an RPM from this tarball, do this:

rpmbuild -ta mjson-1.1.tar.bz2

For those unfamiliar with autoconf, the key files to be edited are configure.ac and Makefile.am. Most other files are auto-generated, and are not generally meant to be edited by hand.

The COPYING file is accurate (it contains the LGPL), but the AUTHORS, NEWS and README files need to be filled in.


  • Anonymous - 2009-07-24

    moved source files into src/

  • Anonymous - 2009-07-24

    Hi, Graham. Thanks for the much needed contribution. I intended to release this package as a shared library for quite a while now but I never managed to get to do it. Lazy me... Thankfully you were able to pick up the slack and simply get this done. Kudos!

    Regarding your contribution, I want to commit it to the trunk. Yet, I would like to keep the source files in a separate subdirectory such as src/. I've picked up the attachment you've commited and tweaked it a bit in order to separate the files and it appears that everything is in order. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if something broke in the process. So, could you please take a look and see if everything is working properly?

    Thanks in advance and kudos for the contribution!