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M's JSON parser released v1.2

M's JSON parser v1.2 has been released. This release focuses on stability and offers a hand full of clean-ups and bug fixes.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-10-18

M's JSON parser reaches the 1.0 milestone

After a few months of development and bug fixes, M's JSON parser finally reaches the 1.0 milestone. This landmark release marks the transition to a stable, feature-freeze stage.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-03-05

M's JSON parser development resumed

M's JSON parser development resumed! After the forced development pause due to my devel computer going up in smoke, the SVN repository is once again active. These have been a sorrowful 3 months thanks to Acer's notoriously painfully slow customer assistance and repair process. Leaving that nasty bit behind, let the coding begin.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-05-20