• Nobody/Anonymous

    When starting the programme, there doesn't seem to be anything working, no file-list is shown, however the borders are.
    With the [tab] i can switch from filelist to playlist and back, but when i strike any key in the filelist i get:

    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.                           │
    0x0804a87d in read_key (window=0x0) at mjs.c:715
    715                             if (strlen (typed_letters) < 10) { // add the letter to the string and reset the timeout


    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.                           &#9474;
    0x0804b204 in process_return (fileslist=0x805e5c0, alt=0) at mjs.c:766
    766             if ((fileslist->selected->flags && F_DIR)) {

    so there seems to be something quite wrong, i guess.

    greetings Daniel
    p.s. nice idea, a mp3 player for your student union... I've got one running in my union, but it uses gamp, which lacks any searching ability, and with 40G mp3's...

    • Marijn van Galen

      ok, assuming you have read the readme and install files:

      probably the mp3-path is not set right in the config file (~/.mjsrc)

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      It seems to be a bug.
      But after some "hacking" I tried to make a default /pub folder and inside a symbolic link caled mp3 matching the local mp3 folder. Then it work very well.

      Ivo, Croatia

    • Marijn van Galen

      hmm, ok seems plausible, when i'va got some time, after the exams, i will look into it !

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I found another solution.

      When I try to compile mjs with the "old" gcc (2.95 I think) the problem was that no mp3 files were shown in the left window and segfault, but solved with the /pub folder and the mp3 syslink.
      Then I try to edit the Makefile and change the compiler line (1st I think) with gcc-3.0.
      Now, after compiling, everything works fine. No need for /pub directory and syslink.

      Ivo, Croatia


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