3.3-rc2-segfault-Debian Woody

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    We are using mjs in our punk club. The working version is 2.9.9 and when i try to upgrade to the vesrsion 3.1 it failed to compile for a known reason. Then we try with 3.3-rc2 and it compile without errors but, after setting up a .mjsrc file of course, when started, nothing appear in the file window. With a tab key is possible to switch between windows till the arrow key is pressed. Then the program crash with a segfault error message just mentioned in this forum.
    I, am a kind of "old" user so i'm sure that all the files are configured correctly.
    I repeat, the last working release is 2.9.9. On all others we get a error message...
    The platform is Debian 3.0 r1 woody. What to do to make the 3.3 working?
    Ivo, Croatia

    • Marijn van Galen

      One of the possible reasons is that the mp3-path doesn't exist.
      You can also try to compile with debugging on and run the core file through gdb

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Found It!

      It seems to be a bug.
      Solved by creating a default /pub folder and insiude a symbolic link called mp3 to the local mp3 folder.


      Ivo, Croatia

    • Marijn van Galen

      hmm, ok seems plausible, when i'va got some time, after the exams, i will look into it !


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