#3 zoom control

Sid Tupper

Please add a control with which a user can manipulate the camera zoom, for example, through the webpage sent by output_http.so. Thanks ... sid@sidtupper.ca


  • Tom

    Tom - 2008-09-26

    Which camera has a zoom in it? The Logitech QC Sphere AF and the Logitech QC Pro 9000 do not offer such options. If you are after a digital zoom ,the Cambozola-Java-Applet has a digital zoom built in (move the mouse to the left side of the picture and the controls will show up).


  • Sid Tupper

    Sid Tupper - 2008-09-26

    The camera I'm using, Panasonic PV-GS83, has a zoom that Windows Messenger can control with a slider. After I made the feature request I looked at the mjpg_streamer source and saw that you have provided hooks to add control commands. I'm thinking that I can add zoom_set, _plus and _minus commands that send appropriate packets to the camera. I sniffed what Windows Messenger sends and hope I can use your structures as a template with those values. In the meantime, /dev/video0 has spontaneously disappeared so Ubuntu 8.04 can't see it anymore. I have to figure that out first ... I'd be grateful for a hint. MAKEDEV hasn't worked for me. I will follow up on your Cambozola-Java-Applet suggestion. Thanks.



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