Anonymous - 2012-11-15

Hi, why is the video delay so high when using low framerates like 5 frames per second or lower?

Ive done some tests all using 352x288 resolution, on a nice 3G connection.
When setting the framerate to like 20 It works very well near real time, despite the receive frame rate medium is about 5fps that is show on site info, almost no delay

But all situation change if for example I change frame rate to 5, I start get a big delay on video could be a delay of about 3~4s
Why this happen?  Shouldnt I receive a picture every 200mS whitout such delay?

I would like to setup my server to 1 fps for bandwidth saving, but at this setting the delay of video goes to about  5s despite receiving it at 1fps at site info

Any help is welcome