Time Lapse

  • jarrah

    jarrah - 2012-12-13


    I would like to create a time lapse application around MJPG-Streamer to do things like saving a static image every x seconds based on user input.

    The key thing is I need to save a jpg from the stream and I was wondering if anyone knows how to do that please?

    Also to add some extra features like generating a time lapse video each day, I would like to use a programming language like php. An earlier post explained how to stream the video to a separate Apache/php web server (which I will use), but I would also like to use php to capture a jpg and save it locally, so does anyone have any thoughts how to do that please?

    Many thanks.

  • Dom

    Dom - 2012-12-13

    Have you considered using the application for Linux called "Motion" ?

    It works seamlessley with mjpg-streamer, has a timelapse function as well as a snapshot function every "x seconds" and will also record when it detects motion.

    It has been working very well for me for months now.

  • jarrah

    jarrah - 2012-12-13

    ahh thank you for the tip, I shall have a look at Motion.

  • Dom

    Dom - 2012-12-13

    For reference, this is the line in the motion.conf file which I use to read from mjpg-streamer :

    # Image width (pixels). Valid range: Camera dependent, default: 352
    width 960
    # Image height (pixels). Valid range: Camera dependent, default: 288
    height 720
    # URL to use if you are using a network camera, size will be autodetected (incl http:// ftp:// or file:///)
    # Must be a URL that returns single jpeg pictures or a raw mjpeg stream. Default: Not defined

    Obviously I'm streaming at 960 x 720


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