#39 cannot compile mjpegtools 1.9.0


I am using cygwin, not the new 1.70 version the one before that.
I install these software:
gccg++ c++ compiler, bin
automake 1.4p6-5
autoconf wrapper 6-1
autoconf 2.13-5
autoconf 2.63-1
make the gnu version of the make utility 3.81-2
emacs the extensible display editor 21-2-13
jpeg 6b-13

I then restart my pc, then open the cygwin desktop icon and go to my mjpegtools folder like so: cd "C:\Users\abby\Desktop\New Folder\mjpegtools-1.9.0"
then I type ./configure

It runs pretty good for a while then it asks me to install jpeg-6b and where to find it online.

I went to install the jpeg but it needs windows nmake to build the makefile, so I install windows visual 2008 pro and the newest sdk for .net and go to make the jpeg makefile, but it has 30 or so errors. namels _CRT_ kinds, so I edit the jpeg code and go to make it and it has new errors. Then I find a c++ version of the jpeg tools and dmake the lib but don't know hpw toassociate it so I can run ./configure in mjpegtools.

I found out through trial and error that mjpegtools uses autoconf 2.6.1 so I spent 20 hours learning how to install this in my cygwin folder since cygwin won't install autoconf 2.6.1. I got that install then ran ./configure and get the jpeg-6b error again. So no matter what I do I need that jpeg-6b and cannot install it or make it.

I have the autoconf needed 2.6.1, I have all the sw needed. I ran the sw correctly. It is not working.
I am using ms vista 32 bit with a intel cpu. I am using mjpegtools-1.9.0-1.src

It would have been good if you let me make this with visual studio 2008. But I read that thread where somebody asked for it to be removed and somebaby said ok since Cygwin would do the job. What a mess. At least I learned how to run cygwin and install autoconf packages in cygwin.


  • Jeremy Duncan

    Jeremy Duncan - 2009-03-23

    I have some typos in the first post I can't edit. I'm sorry for the way I spelt somebody. I didn't look to check the spelling when I typed that.

  • ssbssa

    ssbssa - 2009-03-24

    You don't need nmake for building jpeg. configure and make are enough.


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