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#131 configure against linux kernel 2.6.38


The latest linux kernel versions no longer ship a file videodev.h as part of their public list of include files:;a=commit;h=88ae7624a6fe890e5a8ca57b25420f66e1389f8b
As a consequence, mpegtools will fail, as lack of that error will lead to a fatal error message (AC_MSG_ERROR):
The corresponding Gentoo bug has a patch by Dylan Wakefield which completely removes V4L1 support from configure:
But perhaps you'd rather do the autodetection, and only disable V4L1 if you fail to find that videodev.h file.


  • Bernhard Praschinger

    • assigned_to: nobody --> waldviertler
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Bernhard Praschinger

    I added the patch to and changed it a little. So the summary now shows that you don't have v4l support.
    The Patch is in the CVS, and will be in the next release.

  • Daniel Pielmeier

    Just a minor issue I want to mention. When using the and passing --with-v4l the summary shows

    configure: - video4linux recording/playback: false

    However the defines are set properly

  • Bernhard Praschinger

    That is correct (at least for me) because the lavrec is not built. And the hardware playback in lavplay is disabled. IF SDL ist installed lavplay can play back using SDL.

    Can you please explain a more why this is a issue.
    With patch from the gentoo site the there was nothing in this line.

  • Daniel Pielmeier

    Sorry I should have made myself more clear. I do not use the the patch from the Gentoo bug which completely removes v4l1 support but the patch you have committed to CVS and this one only prints a warning if v4l1 enabled and support is not present in the kernel. When passing --with-v4l to configure it should say so at the end of configuring the sources, or am I wrong?

    I said this is only a minor/cosmetical issue, it is just confusing that if I enable v4l1 support and it is present in the kernel the summary shows it is disabled.

  • Bernhard Praschinger

    Sorry, I did check now, and change the patch to ist should finally work the way I intended it to work, and put it to CVS

    Please check the patch again. The old version did cause a Linking problem.

  • Daniel Pielmeier

    Now it shows the correct configure status. Thanks a lot!

  • Maia Kozheva

    Maia Kozheva - 2011-05-03

    You can consider building against libv4l, which offers a V4L1 compatibility layer atop V4L2. I'll post a patch soon.

  • Bernhard Praschinger

    Thanks for the feedback. I set the Entry t opending. If you have additional problems please open a new bug.

    When you have a patch for the libv4l please send it to the mjpeg-developer list or into the patch tracker.

  • Bernhard Praschinger

    • status: open-accepted --> pending-accepted
  • Martin von Gagern

    • status: pending-accepted --> open-accepted
  • Bernhard Praschinger

    • status: open-accepted --> closed-accepted

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