Matrix Inverse needs notion of Adjoint

  • Rick Pingry

    Rick Pingry - 2012-02-15

    Hi, thanks for the great article!

    I was trying to derive the matrix inverse for the 3x3 and 4x4 and I kept having problems.  I was following with your statement:
    "Each element of the inverse is the determinant of its minor divided by the determinant of the whole."  That was not giving me at all what you had.  I did some more research and found this notion of "Adjoint", here

    That made all the difference.  It seems you left that part out.

    Thanks again,
    - Rick Pingry

  • Martin Baker

    Martin Baker - 2012-02-15


    Thanks very much for letting me know about this, I have changed the wording and updated the site.

    I think I really need to do some follow up things to improve the page, such as adding definitions for terms like 'minor', 'cofactor' and 'adjoint'. Also I think I really need to check all the formulas and calculators to make sure I have not made the same omission with these.




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