I have Mixmaster 3.0.2 installed on a Windows OS and it works just fine. There is, however, one issue that I would like to see about resolving. My question is relevant to Mixmaster installed on Linux too, and I have both configurations. The thing I would like to fix relates to the kind of connections it is able to make. I can get it configured to connect directly to stunnel and then to socat and then to tor, whenever it is posting email or news to the remailer network. But I have not been able to make it use any kind of encrypted connection when it updates stats or the alpingers file, and I have not gotten it to use wget directly for updating these stats. I can download stats with it but only on port 80 and not through an encrypted connection, at least none that I have found.

Also, in reading one of the guides, and there are a few of them floating around, I am led to believe that wget could be used in the configuration file like so:

wget <path to wget executable>

When I tried this, nothing happened with wget. I am under the impression, based on my experience in other cases, that I could actually make wget utilize an encrypted connection if I could get it to work with Mixmaster. I do use wget in this way without Mixmaster. If anyone has more information about either of these procedures, I would appreciate hearing about it or getting some pointers from you. Thanks.