Please send us your configuration so we culd try to help you.

> This list does not appear to be active, but maybe there is someone lurking who could assist?

Yes, this list is something sleeping but we can you use the same.


Thank you.

The configuration files are installed under /etc/mixmaster

There are more files under /home/user/.Mix

/etc/mixmaster/client.conf contains the following:

REMAIL        n
RATE        100

PGPREMPUBASC    /var/lib/mixmaster/used-stats/pubring.asc
PUBRING        /var/lib/mixmaster/used-stats/pubring.mix
TYPE1LIST    /var/lib/mixmaster/used-stats/rlist.txt
TYPE2REL    /var/lib/mixmaster/used-stats/mlist.txt
TYPE2LIST    /var/lib/mixmaster/used-stats/type2.list

There are "filter", "update" and "network.conf" files there too.

The keyrings are under /home/user/.gnupg and there are two keys per server.

Everything works as expected, except that the mails are obviously not being sent, or not being sent correctly.  I did a standard install of both the distro and of mixmaster, no interactive questions were asked when the install took place and no input given or other tweaking done by me.  This is just as it installs from the repositories.

Is this enough detail?

Thanks for the help.