#14 Stronger Encryption


Isn’t it about time remailers moved from the old SHA1
& MD5 to the newer and more secure RIPEMD-160,
SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, and Whirlpool hashes?

As for the use of CAST5, IDEA, and 3DES algorithms,
although they still haven't been broken (?), with
advances in crypto-analysis; 'for how much longer'?
It is about time we moved to the newer generation
Twofish, AES256, or the more secure, (belts and
braces approach to algorithm design) Serpent?

Or even use all three Twofish, AES256, and Serpent
simultaneously like the OTFE program Truecrypt?

Stronger keys than 2048bit the most common, although
some still use 1024 bit keys. How about 4096+ and
not just for the old RSA key design?

It is about time the few remailer operators still
using the old PGP 2.X.X, moved to GnuPGP, or at least
the CKT builds of PGP 2.X.X?


  • Len Sassaman

    Len Sassaman - 2006-09-17

    Logged In: YES

    No. There is a multi-year plan in place to transition from Type II to Type III
    remailers. Changing the encryption primitives used in Type II would weaken
    security of the system due to the anonymity set fragmentation, and would not
    address a problem that exists in reality.

    For more background on these complicated issues, see http://freehaven.net/

  • Len Sassaman

    Len Sassaman - 2006-09-17
    • priority: 5 --> 1
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rabbi
    • status: open --> closed

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