v.2.0 Source Code Beta Release

The MIT Mobile Web Version 2.0 Beta source code is now available as an open source project under the MIT License.

You can now download the source code from the following URL:

This Beta release contains the source code that is on the MIT Mobile Web site (http://m.mit.edu) as of October 30, 2009. Please note that documentation, version control (using SVN), mailing lists, forum, blogs, and other features will be added gradually to the project space in the near future.

Advanced developers with knowledge of XHMTL, CSS, PHP, MySQL may be able to reference the source code to customize for their own environments.

The 2.0 Beta differs from the 0.9 Preview mainly in the following manner:
1. Improved Browser Detection and Device Classification (WebKit, Generic Touch, and Normal)
2. Customize Home Screen
3. What’s New (using Drupal)
4. Personalization of Stellar (learning management module)
5. Fine tuning of Stats Page
6. Authentication using X.509 personal certificates. (used in TechCASH and Libraries)
7. TechCASH
8. Libraries

The MIT Mobile team is currently in the process of setting up an internal SVN that is more suitable for future collaboration with other schools and organizations. We expect to have the SVN enabled in SourceForge before the end of November. The SVN will allow branches for each school/organization.

We hope to be able to collaborate with other universities in providing mobile information to the students, faculty, and staff individual schools.

Thank you all for your interest in the project.


Andrew Yu
Mobile Platform Manager and Architect
Information Services & Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Posted by Andrew Yu 2009-11-02

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