#13 GD error and linux flavor


I just built a linux box specifically for MisterHouse, and
installed MisterHouse for the first time. It starts up with
the error:

Error in use GD: Can't locate GD.pm in @INC

I spent the better part of two days installing RPMs and
compiling from source all the libraries that I think MH
needs. But GD is not agreeing with me. However, it
seems MH still runs. What does this error mean to MH?
What functionality do I lose?

Also, I already have something like 20 directories of libs
that I had to compile or install from RPM, and I'm still a
long ways from having a fully functioning MH. I'm using
Fedora right now (first time I've used Fedora). Can
somebody recommend a distro that is easy to install MH
on? Specifically, does anybody have detailed
instructions for installing MH as well as all the required
libs? The "install MH" line has already proved to have 2
days of supporting instructions that I had to piece
together myself.

By the way, my remaining startup errors are:

Error, perl Tk module is not installed.

Warning, could not open file_read
file ./../data/code_unselect.txt: No such file or directory

Warning, could not open file_read
file ./../data/code_unselect.txt: No such file or directory

04/11/04 11:19:49 AM Rereading .menu code files.
display call with -tk 0. Text=MisterHouse auto
restarted: abend 0

http error in http eval of button.pl:
Bareword "gdMediumBoldFont" not allowed while "strict
subs" in use at (eval 813) line 118, <HTML> line 177.


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