Well I'm currently using a photo frame based on an Ingenic processor, 512Mb Nand memory, 4Gb on SD card and 336Mhz speed, I hav succesfully used touchscreen and have a webserver running as daemon. If MH needs more than that to run...I'll ust have to trim the functionalities til they fit an embedded platform. I'm thinking into running most of the application using sockets in Linux to extend the functionality to wireless sensor networks.

I'm also working in building a power factor corrected dimmer for multiple lights if anyone's interested.

2010/4/30 Neil Cherry <ncherry@linuxha.com>
On 04/30/2010 08:05 AM, carl mcgrath wrote:
> Juan
> Sounds like an interesting project.
> Your end goal is way beyond what I was doing, but suggest you look for
> posts with this subject:
> " MH on NSLU2 - OpenWRT Kamakazie 8.09 "
> back in January through early February 2010.
> Bottom line, I gave up on OpenWRT and moved to Debian.
> I never could determine if it was Kamakazie, Perl, MH or what but
> getting even basic MH up and running was elusive.

My opinion is that the lowly routers that run OpenWRT don't have
enough space/horsepower to do MH justice. I do like the Sheevaplug.
I'm going to pick up one of the Plugs with the ESATA as I think that
MH still relies on writing to storage more than I'd like. But I have
a few ideas and I'll see if I can work them into MH.

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