Well, so far I've managed to use the XBEE modules with the DPF using an FTDI chip, and I've connected them to an ATtiny microcontroller I intend to use as end device. What I really haven't been able to understand is how to build commands for mh, I could use the X10 Interface, but I really don't know how to set it up to change the commands, or to set adresses for each module.

I was thinking on taking from Insteon and build up things from there but I don't know really how commands and codes are created there either. It would help to learn how the Insteon protocol is implemented, so I could take it from there. Do you know how each command goes from the web interface to the Insteon PLM?

Thanks again.

Juan Camilo

2010/4/21 Rick Bolen (GM) <rickbolgm@gmail.com>
I haven't looked into applying xbee to HA stuff (yet) but I did
successfully use xbee-pro modules to create a wireless midi link between
a Behringer BCR-2000 midi controller and a Yamaha O1V digital audio
console. I could remote control the console via the midi controller.

Except for having to config the xbee xcvrs for midi's odd serial data
rate, the setup was straight forward. xbees seem to be transparent for
serial data. I did need the higher powered xbee-pros in order to achieve
the range I needed, and I think that's what you'll need to attempt to
cover a house (unless you have regular xbees "intelligently repeating"
the signal in a mesh network).

I would think one could make any serial data comm wireless using the
xbees. Checkout ladyada's work at http://www.adafruit.com/ .That's where
I got the wireless midi primer.


Joel Davidson wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Apr 2010, it would appear that Marc MERLIN wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 10:05:26PM -0500, Juan Camilo Chaparro Marroqu?n wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone:
>>> My name is Juan Camilo Chaparro, I am an EE student from Colombia, and I'm
>>> doing a home automation project (degree thesis) using the SUNGALE ID800WT
>>> DPF, with touchscreen, OpenWRT Linux, Wi-Fi, and of course MisterHouse. I've
>>> been trying to learn as fast as I can about all the features MisterHouse
>>> has, but I'm still kind of a newbie :S. I'm using Digi's XBEE Nodes for a
>>> home network for four devices, a remote control, the DPF, a dimmer switch
>>> and a electrical curtain, all built or on the way to be built by myself. I'm
>>> aware that MisterHouse Zigbee support is limited, but I was thinking about
>>> using the Insteon codes for using the XBEE nodes, however I do not know how
>>> to adjust the configs and the routines to read the devices. Can anyone
>>> please guide me through this?
>> Hi Juan,
>> So misterhouse has a lot of code and some portions of it are likely
>> somewhat unmaintained as the original author may not be here anymore.
>> It kind of all depends if the code works and/or whether anyone with devel
>> experience is using it.
>> You can look in svn for clues of who last changed what and try to contact
>> the right person directly if you don't hear back here:
>> http://misterhouse.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/misterhouse/trunk/lib/
>>> I really want to use MH because of all of its cool features, so it would be
>>> great to be able to use it with the xbees.
>>> BTW, I'm using the touchscreen with QT environment, to make a GUI such as
>>> the one proposed in MisterhouseTimo on the wiki pages.
>>> Please let me know your thoughts about the project...and about the XBEE
>>> issue.
>> I have no idea if anyone is using this here. Your subject line is also not
>> likely to attract the right reader with little time
>> 'Help hakcing on xbee' or somesuch would have been a much better subject
>> line.
>> Marc
>    I've been doing some development here using the digi xbee modules with
>    an eye towards energy monitoring and management.  My long term goal is
>    to integrate this into mh, though I'm still in the architecture stage
>    with some very preliminary h/w and s/w development underway.
>    I found this nice perl library module that simplifies talking to the
>    xbee devices, since Digi doesn't support perl (or linux for that matter):
>    http://jager.no/projects/xbee
>    He's also developed a zigbee relay board that you may find useful.
>    It's in the list of news at http://jager.no/
>    Hope this helps some.  Good luck with your project.
>    Joel

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