I am using 3 cameras employing 3 hauppauge capture cards on a fedora 5 box which is also running Misterhouse.  The front camera ( is a bullet camera surrounded by about12 or so IR emitters.  I am disapointed in this camera's night time performance and would not wast the money on IR coupled with video again.  The server I am using is Palantir available here: .  It is designed for *nix nodes. 
I had at one time used Realnetworks producer and server but then when the 2.6 kernel came out these apps did not function.  However Realnetworks now support kernel 2.6 but the product will not install.  I googled and others have this same problem.  You might give it a try because the way these products buffer a stream is outstanding and the video is smooth.  It takes a bit of effor thought to pull out the bits of info you need to get it going.  I have a readme so this could help if you want it.  I also have a readme on Palantir which cuts throught the bulk of their documentation so it would get you online quickly and allow you to read the docs at your leisure. 
My experience with USB was many years ago with 1.1??  It was slow and not very satisfactory.  The newer USB might provice better results.  I do not have any experience with it to comment. 
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Sorry if this seems off topic. but I want to add a camera to my misterhouse set up and I'm looking for some input on a solution. First off, I need a camera that will work even in total darkness, so Infrared is a must. Second, The camera must work with Linux and lastly, I'd prefer it be a USB device if possible. Any suggestions?


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