I'll give them a test drive.
"John Murphy" <> wrote in message
I have updated the misterhouse versions of and to support hubs, but I don't know that my implementation is all that great.  It works, and I'll share it if anyone is interested, but it just doesn't 'feel pretty' (tm). :)

On 3/31/06, Jim Duda <> wrote:
I've recently purchased a bunch of one-wire sensors from hobby-boards.  I'm
in the process
of deploying temperature sensors through my house, using a star network from
the one-wire hub.

I'm looking at the code.

Can anyone tell me if will work with a hub?  It doesn't look
like it does.

I have owfs ( installed and it appears to work well
through the hubs.
Owfs has a perl interface to the owfserver using swig.  It's a very simple

I'm thinking of creating a companion to access the one-wire devices
through the
owfs code instead of the mh one-wire driver.

Does this make sense?    This would only be applicable to linux.

Maybe an xPL front-end to owfs might be better?

I 'm going out on a limb and thinking Gregg might prefer the xPL front-end


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