Ran across this forum discussing decoding the TED protocol. The first post is David's TED.pm, but later they discuss the changes that have been teased out of the manufacturer for v9+.
...they must have changed the protocol recently because support is now telling me that the device is expecting some data. Here is what support said:
Its possible the script was designed for the older version of the firmware. There ware some changes in a protocol in v9.x Whoever wrote it needs to get the latest API information. The device will not send data untill it is requested. So there is a string that needs to be sent to the TED. I'm not sure if you can do it with a regular terminal, the data needs to be sent as hex.

I do have the serial protocol documentation and it does not list anything about sending any data to the device to get the logging to start. I'm using the small python script posted on another forum for testing purposes now.
I did eventually get a response from support that it's expecting to receive 0xAA before it'll start sending data.