I found the problem, but I need some feedback before I can commit a fix.  I found these lines in the setup subroutine, which gets run before the items are defined:

# This was taken from lib/trigger_code.pl so that libraries involved with serial ports

# and sockets could create new triggers. See lib/Weather_daviswm2.pm for an example of

# why this is a good idea.



I don't understand what "so that libraries involved with serial ports and sockets could create new triggers" means.  I looked at the Davis and didn't see why it would need to have its trigger defined so early in the startup process.  I'm inclined to remove these lines, since triggers_read is already run after the items are defined.  Is anyone using a Davis WM2, and can help me test?  




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Subject: [mh] Problems with changes to trigger_code.pl and item referencesin triggers

I just recently upgraded from v2-105 to the latest svn revision on my main system.  Iím now having trouble with some of my triggers and I believe it is due to code that David Norwood introduced in lib/trigger_code.pl.  For now I commented out the eval() and related if {} block and all seems to be working.  While I understand the reason for the eval() I must wonder if that code has the right context for evaluating code that will otherwise run in the polling loop.

The error I received is:

Loading other modules

Starting setup

 - using simple Text distance function

 - reading previous log files

 - archiving previous /var/local/misterhouse/data/logs/*.log files .....

12/21/09 09:15:24 PM Error: trigger 'yard_east_motion' has an error, disabling

12/21/09 09:15:24 PM   Code = state_now $yard_east_motion eq 'motion'

12/21/09 09:15:24 PM   Result = Global symbol "$yard_east_motion" requires explicit package name at (eval 367) line 1.


The definition for the yard_east_motion trigger from data/triggers.current is:

name=yard_east_motion type=Disabled triggered=1233369028

state_now $yard_east_motion eq 'motion'

speak 'Rabit east side of the house';


The item definition for the yard_east_motion item is defined in code/items.mht as:

X10MS,              G13,                yard_east_motion,   Sensors|Yard,       Motion


After doing some print_log() tests, Iíve come to the conclusion that the item objects do not exist when lib/trigger_code.pl tries to eval() the triggers.  Is there another way to define the triggers so they reference item objects in such a way to keep lib/trigger_code.pl happy?




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