I tried (turned on) some common code at one point, and later turn them off.  I confirmed they are disabled (unchecked), and I have restarted the system many time since.  Still, I see errors related to those code modules i have disabled (for example, see below relating to METAR weather).
Is there some file I have to delete to force it to no longer try to run that code?  I'm running mh 2.105 R2023
07/27/12 11:05:00 PM Error: trigger 'Update weather information via METAR' failed to run cleanly
07/27/12 11:05:00 PM   Code = $p_weather_metar_page->start
07/27/12 11:05:00 PM   Result = Global symbol "$p_weather_metar_page" requires explicit package name at (eval 30073) line 1.