Thanks for the " " suggestion - now I can interact with my MH more easily!
I'm wondering if I have set som of my items to the right types - my home is a mix of old X10, X10pro, switchlink, and combo Insteon/X10.  When I poll my water heater switch (which is Insteon/X10 combo) for status, things don't look quite right in the log.  Based on the "unmatched incoming data" output below, what is the right device type to pick?
07/26/12 12:27:46 AM Running: Water Heater status
07/26/12 12:27:46 AM Ran telnet command: water heater status
X10: interface=lynx10plc isfunc=0 save_unit=XDA data=XDA
X10: interface=lynx10plc isfunc=1 save_unit=XDA data=XDSTATUS
Serial data: event_type=X, event_data=XDA
07/26/12 12:27:48 AM XDA: Water_Heater manual
X10: Previous units=DA reset_flag=0
Serial data: event_type=X, event_data=XDSTATUS_ON
07/26/12 12:27:48 AM Status request on undefined state: data=DSTATUS_ON event_data=X
X10: Previous units=DA reset_flag=1
07/26/12 12:27:48 AM X10: Merged string data=XDADSTATUS_ON
07/26/12 12:27:48 AM X10: Unmatched incoming data=XDSTATUS_ON
Serial data: event_type=X, event_data=XDA
Serial data: event_type=X, event_data=XDJ
X10: Previous units=DA reset_flag=1
07/26/12 12:27:49 AM X10: Merged string data=XDADSTATUS_ONDJ
07/26/12 12:27:49 AM X10: Unmatched incoming data=XDJ