My script to turn on my water heater (a 2-way X10 appliance device) seemed to work fine, but after setting the device on an error appeared with "Status request on underfined state".  What does this mean?
(I'm guessing the device send a message that MH doesn't know handle to handle, but more likely I have configured something wrong).
07/25/12 07:00:00 PM: Saving object states ... done
Turning on water heater per summer schedule07/25/12 07:00:01 PM XDA: Water_Heater manual
07/25/12 07:00:02 PM XDADJ: Water_Heater on
07/25/12 07:00:03 PM Status request on undefined state: data=DSTATUS_ON event_data=X
07/25/12 07:00:03 PM X10: Unmatched incoming data=XDSTATUS_ON
07/25/12 07:01:00 PM: Saving object states ... done
07/25/12 07:02:00 PM: Saving object states ... done
and a really minor I have to append a \n to my print_log strings?  Not sure why the next ourput to the log file is on the same line as the one above...