I've been running MH for a few years now. During this time, I've had a snippet of code that made use of the $Dark global variable. Since upgrading to v3.1, the code using $Dark no longer executes. 

My code snippet:

# Garage door opened
if ($Dark and ($RearGarageOverheadDoor->{state_now} eq OPEN or $FrontGarageOverheadDoor->{state_now} eq OPEN)) {
   print_log "[lighting_events] Turning car port lights: ON";

Just as a test, I added the following snippet:

if ($New_Minute) {
   if ($Dark) {
      print_log "[lighting_events] It is dark";

It's 25 minutes past sunset as I write this, yet no log entries from the test snippet have been generated. It seems as if $Dark is no longer being updated. Any ideas?