To make sure I understand this correctly:
1.  I do not have to create a .mht file before running the initial scan and audit? Will this create the .mht file for me?


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1. Linking:
After creating an insteon.mht file, do I need to go through the process of linking all of my devices to the PLM and vice-versa? I ask because all of my links already exist since they were created using the ISY.

Once you setup MH you will want to do the following:
1. Run "Scan All Link Tables" voice command from the PLM
2. Run "(Audit) Sync All Links" from the PLM

This will enable MH to "learn" the state of the link database of all of your devices.  The second command will tell you what MH thinks is currently missing.  Since you are moving from an ISY to a PLM, I would suspect at minimum you would need links from all of your devices to the PLM.  I would hope that the interdevice links would be recognized as valid by MH and not recreated (I have no reason to believe that they won't).

Once you are satisfied with the description of what MH intends to do with the Audit command. Go ahead and run "Sync All Links"

You can then run "(Audit) Delete Orphans" to see what links MH sees as extraneous.  Again once satisfied with this list, you can then run "Delete Orphans".
2. Scenes:
From what I've read, two types of scenes exist within MH, those that are managed by MH and those that the PLM manages. I would like to avoid using MH as the middle man for all of my scenes. Meaning, that if MH is offline, my scene links will still be preserved. Keeping this in mind, should I do the following?

From a cursory glance, yes your idea appears correct.  You want a Master switch to directly control a slave and vice versa.  This is likely what you currently have with your ISY setup.  Anything that requires MH to react and respond will add a half to a full second delay (annoying with light switches).  This delay is really as a result of the Insteon protocol.