OK, but only since you asked.

Let me start by saying that Misterhouse is awesome.  It's an older open source solution that solves a problem that is still relevant today.  I've been using Misterhouse for about a year, and I was unsure when selecting it, but the other viable options that included Insteon support did not exist.  I was surprised at the level of community participation that this project still enjoys.

Misterhouse is at the core a rule engine that focusses on home automation.  It evaluates the current state of the environment and takes action.  It's 10:00 PM?  Time to turn the porch lights off.  Motion in the back yard after midnight?  Turn the flood lights on.  But why does it try to implement it's own rule engine?  Should it not use a lower level library to solve this problem?  Like something that is already in CPAN?

Why is there such a tight coupling between the UI and Misterhouse?  It would be nice if I could run Misterhouse as a standalone process and have Apache handle the user interface with mod_perl.  Or not.  Any device like my Android phone should able able to hook and provide a nice UI to turn the lights on.  And let's be honest about the current UI, it's a little clunky (and that's being generous).

There are no unit tests in the Misterhouse  (at least that I've seen).  Perl has a nice unit testing framework.  Make use of it.  It will force the contributing developers to write more modular code and the resulting code base will be more maintainable.

And finally, stick with Perl.  It's still relevant.  Perl is stable, well supported and most likely has a module to already do what you want to do.


On Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 2:52 PM, Alan Womack <arwbackup@webbyhome.com> wrote:
Personally, I think we need more along the lines of dummies guide to
misterhouse or 24 hours to a fully automated home.

The basic stuff takes a while to get the hang of and over time some of
the most basic information to find (especially if you are not a perl
programmer or haven't played in misterhouse for years) is just simple
how do I do this stuff.

I'm still working on some of the most basic stuff currently, such as
scenes, groups.  They were easier for me to grasp with x10 than
Insteon has been, but some recent posts have helped clear the fog.

Other items I still have trouble with is the weather, as my weatherbug
module craps out some of the time so I just disabled it for now.  I
want to get that one running.

Some better explanation of security, or maybe a pointer to the
existing better explanation of security (e.g. passwords)

A how to on starting from scratch on an insteon device that doesn't exist in MH.

Or how to stop MH from giving me dim commands for relay switches, that
would be nice too.


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