To follow up on my testing I have sniffed the network traffic between my android phone and my misterhouse server but  don't see any IP packets coming from the android phone yet.
Does your app already tries to connect or did i made a config error ? I checked and the /server/sub?xml request works on my misterhouse install.
Note that I installed your latest apk and also run misterhouse revision 1980.


2012/1/30 Nico Lembrechts <nicoatyow@gmail.com>

The apk installs fine om my ideos 2.2 android phone.
I also could create a host without problems.
So far it looks good to me.
Please let me know when the additional code is in the SVN so i can test the connection as well, I plan to use both ssh and local connection to my misterhouse server.
Thanks already for your work on this.


2012/1/29 Jim Duda <jim@duda.tzo.com>
An early alpha release of my Misterhouse application is available.

Please see the wiki for instructions:

The download is here:

Let me know if you cannot access the apk.

I'm still debugging the service which provides Speak and Play events.
In the meantime, I suggest you leave the service disabled in Menu->Settings.
You're also going to need a few misterhouse code changes which I haven't pushed to svn yet.

The application is still rather rough, it has no eye candy or style yet.
It should however work mechanically.

It will allow you to control all objects which have "state" information.
It will allow you to activate any and all Voice_Cmds.

Please provide bug reports and suggestions either on or off list.

I will publish the source code at some point, when I have it better documented
and the first level of bugs are worked out.

I hope you find this useful.

I now have an official android phone for my own testing.

My goal is to replace my audreys with android tablets.  Let me know your tablet experience please.



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