I just saw your pull request.  I want to make sure I understand everything, if you double-tap a Relay device it transmits an off_fast or on_fast command?  I didn't realize this was possible, but it makes sense since it can control other devices.  


On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 7:25 PM, George Clark <> wrote:
Hi Kevin,

In a message yesterday to the list I reported that I couldn't figure out
how to catch & process *_fast messages generated by a SwitchLincRelay.

I've got a possible fix, and checked it into a branch based off of your
InsteonIP branch.    Even though an on_fast or off_fast doesn't make
much sense with a relay,  it's still useful for triggering other
behavior - scenes, timers, etc.    And the switch can generate it so it
would be nice if it was supported.

I also sent you a pull request.   I figured I'd send it to you because
I'm running your branch and that's where I've tested it.