Howard, this was a bit confusing for me in the beginning as well.

Links on devices are triggered by the physical switch not the state of the load which they control. †When you use MH to turn on a device, MH issues a direct command to the load of that device and only that device. †Any links associated with that device are not triggered, because the switch was not manually triggered, instead the load was simply turned on.

I hope that helps, it is a confusing concept.

You have two options for achieving your desired results:

1. Use a PLM Scene - Define an INSTEON_ICONTROLLER object that has both garage objects as members. †Then use this object to turn on the lights from MH.

2. User Code - What for changes in state_now on the relevant device. †When it changes, you then check to see who set the object to that state ($object->setby =~ /^web/) and update the related device appropriately.

On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 7:36 PM, H Plato <> wrote:
Now that Iíve looked into the scene stuff, this page ( has an example for creating a scene for multi-way switches.

So, Iíve;

- Linked local both the micro and switchlinc together as controllers and responders. They work perfect.
- Linked the switchlinc to MH. I can control the state of that switch.
- added scene_members to control the two devices, so my MHT is

INSTEON_SWITCHLINCRELAY,† xx:xx:xx,† garage_light, All_Lights #Micro switch controlling load
INSTEON_SWITCHLINCRELAY, xx:xx:xx, garage_light_inside, All_Lights #interior light switch
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light, garage_light_inside, 100%, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light_inside, garage_light, 100%, 0.1s

So now I can see both switchlincs on the web interface. When I turn the micro switch on or off, I can see both devices proper state on the web page.

However, if I change the state of one of these scene devices in MH, the other does not sync to the same state. I would expect that if I turned garage_light on through the web page (or through code), the garage_light_inside should also be turned on, correct? Or do I need to keep these devices in sync through user code? For example, †I have a user code module that turns on the garage_light when the entry door opens. Do I need to set both garage_light and garage_light_inside at the same time?

On Jan 19, 2014, at 2:27 PM, H Plato <> wrote:

Iím probably missing something obvious, however Iím having trouble getting a multi-way switch working.

Because I donít have a true neutral in the light switch box, I installed a Micro on/off switch in the junction box and then re-wired the switch box so that it just has a hot and neutral. I then installed a SwitchLinc Relay in that box. I was able to get the switchlinc and micro linked to each other, so that turning the switchlinc on and off controls the micro switch, and I can press on and off on the micro and see the level LED change on the switchlinc. So far so good.

I then linked just the micro (as controller and responder) with the PLM, so I can control the light from MH. No problem there, I can turn the light on and off from MH, however the switchlinc does not change state to match.

Do I also need to link the switchlinc with MH and create a scene? I really donít want 2 different objects to control one light. Iím also planning on installing another switchlinc so I have three way control of the light (itís a garage light and the light switch was in the house, not in the garage ó go figure).

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