On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 4:48 AM, Rick Bolen(gm) <rickbolgm@gmail.com> wrote:
You chose 5 degrees as the differential trigger? Any particular reason, or was that just a starting point? I'm trying to think thru the algorithm for enabling\disabling the fan.

It is just a guess. Some articles online state that you need a 10 degree differential.  I figure I get exponentially diminishing returns as the temperature differential drops.  The downsides of leaving the fan on are power costs and increased dust, my guess is that at about 5 degrees these downsides exceed the upsides.
As the outside temp bottoms out ~5-6am and starts to climb, I'm not sure if I should stop the fan, or continue drawing until outside temp = inside temp.

The mass of my house results in it heating up much, much slower than the outside temp.
While I'm a heat tolerant person, the WHF has enabled me to barely run AC at all for the past three (milder) summers.

Awesome, I am hoping I get the same results.
BTW, I'm interested in JQuery in MH as well.

Got it.  As soon as we get the 3.0 milestone done, I will finish it up.