On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 1:36 PM, George Clark <geomh@fenachrone.com> wrote:
Finally, trying to fix it:  Fails.

04/02/2014 16:32:52  Running: l front porch sync links
04/02/2014 16:32:52  [Insteon::BaseController]  Adding responder record to $PLM from $l_front_porch

cmd = add; data3 = 00; group = 01; is_controller = 0;
04/02/2014 16:32:52  [Insteon::ALDB_PLM] WARN: attempt to add link to PLM that already exists! deviceid=28f55c, group=01, is_controller=0, subaddress=00
04/02/2014 16:32:52  $l_front_porch completed sync links
04/02/2014 16:33:00 : Saving object states ... done

I think I know where this bug is arising from.  I will push a patch later today.  

Not sure about the $l_back_hall_bH and $night_mode issues yet.  But let's tackle one issue at a time and maybe it will fix the other issues.