I apologize for delaying on this for so long.

The results from the PerlTidy survey results can be found here:


I included the survey itself at the beginning and the results at the back.

The resulting style seems reasonable.  You can view the resulting style in bin/.perltidyrc in the branch below.

I added in the githook-perltidy script and made a few changes so that it would work with the MH directory structure.  I also created a PerlTidyAll script that will run perltidy on ALL perl files in the repository.  I will use it to "initialize" the repository, but it can also be used for cleanup in the future too.

I had not realized that client-side hooks cannot be installed by default.  This means that users will have to proactively enable the hooks before perltidy is applied to their changes.


I can't get this system to work on windows.  The Git implementation on windows is odd.  It basically runs in a virtual machine, with its own perl installation (5.8.8).  For the life of me not been able to get CPAN to work in this installation.  To my knowledge we are at least missing the following packages (File::Slurp, Perl::Tidy, Time::Pieces).  There may be more.  I can't find any help online on how to solve this.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get this to work, or where I may have gone astray let me know.  When I run CPAN "perl -MCPAN -e shell" I selected all of the default answers.  However, it doesn't seem to me that my answers are saved between restarts of CPAN.  Moreover, anytime I try and install a package, it simply fails to download the data from the server.

An alternative I suppose is that Windows users will simply have to run perltidy manually outside of the Git Bash.  We can also run perltidyall every so often to pick up any missed corrections.

My branch with my initial work is here: