I am still working on AllLinksDatabase, particularly the Delete_Orphaned_Links method.  

Marc, incorporating your suggestions solved a bug for me.

Dustin, do you use any tie_event commands?  It appears that you error may be related to this.  If you can provide me with some details about your setup it may help me reproduce your error.

All, I am currently unable to delete any PLM All-Link Database entries.  The commands sent to the PLM appear to be correct, but the PLM responds back with a simple NACK.  My current theory is that my PLM needs to be factory reset.  But has anyone else experienced this issue?


On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 6:48 PM, Marc MERLIN <marc_mh@merlins.org> wrote:
On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 10:27:39PM -0500, Dustin Robinson wrote:
> Don't know if anyone else has run across this but delete orphan links
> throws the following error in my setup:
> tie_events eval error: Can't locate object method "device_id" via package
> "Insteon::ALDB_PLM" at
> /opt/misterhouse/mh/bin/../lib/Insteon/AllLinkDatabase.pm line 718.

Similar (but not idential problem) here on delete orphans:
19/12/2012 18:30:24  [Insteon_PLM] DEBUG3: Received raw PLM data: 026207de8b0f2be806
19/12/2012 18:30:24  [Insteon_PLM] DEBUG3: Received PLM acknowledge: obj=$gar_outlights_kpl; command=peek; extra=E8
19/12/2012 18:30:24  [Insteon_PLM] DEBUG3: Received raw PLM data: 025007de8b18d4ce232ba2
Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at ../lib/Insteon/AllLinkDatabase.pm line 1240.
mh stopped, enter to restart

Here's the patch I had to write for mine. You may need to write a similar
patch for your problem.

--- mh/lib/Insteon/AllLinkDatabase.pm.orig      2012-12-19 18:35:22.259809914 -0800
+++ mh/lib/Insteon/AllLinkDatabase.pm   2012-12-19 18:40:50.003238952 -0800
@@ -1217,7 +1217,9 @@
 sub delete_duplicate_link_address
        my ($self, $address) = @_;
-        my $num_duplicate_link_addresses = @{$$self{aldb}{duplicates}};
+        my $num_duplicate_link_addresses = 0;
+       $num_duplicate_link_addresses = @{$$self{aldb}{duplicates}} if (defined $$self{aldb}{duplicates});
         if ($num_duplicate_link_addresses)
                my @temp_duplicates = ();
@@ -1237,7 +1239,8 @@
        my ($self, $address) = @_;
         # before adding it, make sure that it isn't already in the list!!
-        my $num_addresses = @{$$self{aldb}{empty}};
+       my $num_addresses = 0;
+       $num_addresses = @{$$self{aldb}{empty}} if (defined $$self{aldb}{empty});
         my $exists = 0;
         if ($num_addresses and $address)

Note that this code is not bullet proof, Gregg wrote a lot of it quicky when
I was reporting bugs to him just before he had to stop contributing.

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